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New dealer joins the Pendle team09-Jul-2012
We would like to Welcome Dan from Visiontech to the Pendle Team.

VAG Diesel Speed Limiter Removal 30-Jun-2012
Pendle Performance and all Pendle dealers can offer Speed Limiter (Vmax) removal on all VAG 1.4TDI-PD, 1.9TDI-PD, 2.0TDI-PD & 2.5TDI-PD engines.

GVN Remapping joins the Pendle team28-Jun-2012
We would like to welcome Gavin from GVN Remapping to the Pendle team. Gavin will be offering a mobile service in the Midlands area, not only does Gavin have a wealth of motor vehicle knowledge but also a passion for the work he carries out.
As with all Pendle Performance dealers Gavin has the full backing and support of our company behind.

Camper Jam 201223-Jun-2012

Pendle Performance will be at the Camper Jam 2012 show 6-8 July 2012

VAG 4.2TDI V8 - DPF Software Removed22-Jun-2012
Our research and development has again proved Pendle Performance are the leading European tuning company with being the first company to correctly removed the DPF Function from the VAG 4.2TDI V8 engine that runs a pair of Bosch EDC16CP34 engine control units.

We don't reply on silly patch software like majority of other tuners use, which simply deletes 80% of all DTCs (Fault Codes) and also tunes the limp mode map, so the ecu still thinks the DPF is there but it doesn't set the fault code light on due to it being deleted.

Pendle Performance correctly switch the complete DPF function off which is the only correct way to do it. We pride ourselves on the research and development we do which keeps up steps ahead of our competitors.

New dealer in Sweden - Street Gear18-Jun-2012
We would like to welcome Rolf from Street Gear as our latest dealer to join the team. Rolf has vast knowledge in the vehicle tuning market and also supplies after market products

Rolf has joined Pendle Performance because of the outstanding reputation we have as one of the best tuning companies in Europe.

VAG 2.5TDI Stage3 Tuning29-May-2012

VW Transporter5 2.5TDI 131bhp & 340Nm Standard

Pendle Performance have done it again and produced what must be the fastest VW T5 in the country.

With a hybrid turbo designed and manufactured to our spec and also a custom 3" complete exhaust system lets us run at 1.7bar boost, we also have the forge front mounted intercooler which keeps our air intake temps down resulting in lower exhaust gas temps.

We have managed an increase or 119bhp and also an impressive 206Nm of smooth torque.

New Dealers Required26-May-2012
PendlePerformance is going from strength to strength and we are looking for a number of established garages to join the team. You will become a Pro-Pendle-Agent and be able to trade under the well established Pendle brand name.

If you have what it takes to run a very successful business and work together as a team then please get in touch

Welcome Neil & Russell24-May-2012
We are pleased to welcome to the team Neil & Russell from Inverness.

Neil & Russell have combined both there long established businesses and come together to work as Pendle agents offering custom tuning, with Russells background as a VW/Audi technical and also Neils passion for Transporter conversions, they make the perfect team for all your tuning needs.

VAG 2.0Common Rail Engine05-May-2012

VAG 2.0CR Tuned To Perfection

Pendle Performance have done it again and proved why we are the leading UK tuning company for software development.

We have overcome the software problem that caused power surging when tuning these engines over 200bhp, with a hidden limiter in the software which always pulled fuelling back when reaching 200bhp. Up until now we have always been limited to tuning just under that 200bhp but these engines had so much more potential

We have spend 100's of hours development time on these Bosch EDC17 TriCore engine control units with outstanding results in both performance and economy.

We don't just make figures up either, we prove them on a world leading Maha LPS3000 rolling road with before and after dyno print outs.

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