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Forum Launched03-Oct-2012

Dedicated Dealers Forum

We are pleased to announce we have just launched our dedicated forum to support our dealers with technical information at the touch of a button.

Within the forum dealers will have access to a wealth of technical knowledge enabling them to quickly and correctly diagnose and rectify any problems with engines prior to tuning.

Our professional dealers work close with HQ in giving nothing but the best tuning service no other tuning company can match, each and every vehicle is pre checked with full diagnostics and engine report before any tuning is carried out.

I personally (Martin @ PendlePerformance) check each and every single datalog from each and every car the dealers work on, I also personally custom write each and every tuned software to suit the vehicle.

We are happy to say we have a close team of dedicated dealers that give YOU the customer nothing but the best possible service for your pride and joy.

Welcome Our Newest Dealer25-Sep-2012
We would like to welcome Daniel from SouthSide Autopoint Ltd in Bridlington to our team. Daniel runs a busy and successfully Autopoint garage and has teamed up with us to provide customers with the option of our Pendle remapped software.

With Daniels background in the motor-trade and wealth of knowledge he will be a great addition to our network of professional dealers.

Pendle Franchise 14-Sep-2012
It couldn't be a better time to join our team with our ever expanding customer base and demand for the quality service that all Pendle-Performance team dealers provide.

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer our dealership package which includes the KessV2 system, VCDS, Pendle Website, Full Training for £1595 instead of the £1950.

This is due to us bulk buying the equipment directly from the manufactures and us securing a discounted rate which enables us to pass this onto dealers.

We invite applications from self motivated passionate individuals who can work as a team member offering our service to customers in your area.

With the right input we are finding our dealers are recouping there investment back well within a month.

Average Price for Tuning £275
File Cost From as little as £80
Total Profit For tuning 1 vehicle £195

4 Vehicles Tuned Per Week Profit = £780

Estimated Annual Profit (Based on 4vehicles per week) = £40560.00


Follow our Dyno Print Outs12-Sep-2012
Click on the link below to visit our PendlePerformance Google+ page where we constantly upload before and after dyno print outs.

VAG 1.6TDI-CR 105bhp Dyno Result07-Aug-2012

VAG 1.6TDI-CR 105bhp

We are pleased to show our software research & development for the VAG 1.6TDI-CR engines that Pendle Performance was the first in the United Kingdom to remap.

The power delivery and how these vehicles hold torque is outstanding once tuned, making just below 300Nm or torque and holding this torque across the full rev range makes this a vehicle all owners must tune.

Standard this vehicle pushed out 104bhp & 236Nm of torque, tuned we have a super smooth 142bhp & 285Nm.

The 1.6TDI-CR uses the latest Siemens-Continental PCR2.1 engine control unit.

Ireland Dealer05-Aug-2012
We are seeking a established business in Ireland to join out team and offer remapping to customers.

Main Dealer Diagnostics01-Aug-2012
We are pleased to announce we have added another main dealer diagnostics tool to our list of equipment which enables us to provide the same service as you get from the main dealers. List of main dealers tools we have:

* Porsche PIWIS
* MB Star
* Renault Clip
* Ford IDS
* Vauxhall Tech II
* Peugeot Plannet

With the equipment above also our vast knowledge there isn't any fault we cannot find and fix.

Job Vacancy31-Jul-2012
We are looking for a sales / marketing person to join our ever growing team. The individual must have a motor vehicle background. Please send C.V to

1.6 TDI CR Tuning15-Jul-2012
Pendle Performance was the first UK company to offer tuning on the VAG 1.6TDI CR engines and have been tuning these now for a number of months with 100's of hours dyno tested our software development on these it nothing but perfect.

With the hardware development leak to other tool manufactures you will soon see other tuning companies offering tuning for these but it will take many months before they have developed there software on the dyno.

Pendle Performance are now pleased to offer complete custom tuning on these to general public for £495 all included. The past few months we have only been tuning these for trade customers.

Welcome Collins Of Probus Ltd12-Jul-2012
We would like to welcome Gary from Collins Of Probus Ltd to the Pendle team.

Collins of Probus: A small family company that started in 1988 working from a van repairing at the customers location. This was later expanded with a small workshop in Probus for the larger repair. The workshop continued to expand and we made the decision to stop the vans and give our customers a wider range of services at the workshops.

Gary will also be offering custom tuning and diagnostics work on a wide range of vehicles.

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