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Q: What cars can be remapped?

A:Any type of car can be remapped as long as it has an electrically controlled injection system. Most cars from 1990 onwards can be reprogrammed. On the other hand, some early non-turbo petrol cars will have very small gains. We recommend that you to check out our compatibility list where you can see the gains for your vehicle. Best results will be achieved from turbocharged diesel and petrol engines.

Q: How does a remap differ from a powerbox?

A:A powerbox is a device that is connected to the wiring loom in the engine bay. These come in all shapes and sizes but they all do exactly the same thing. A powerbox alters the sensor output voltages, which cheats the ECU to inject more fuel. Most powerboxes are just a potentiometer with a few wires. It cannot be compared to a professional remap. For example, a powerbox can not modify injection timing which is essential for a safe, economical and powerful remap and, since your ECU can not get real info from the engine operation, you will not have the safeguards required for safe operation even in a case of a component failure.

Q: Will it affect my warranty?

A:Yes, your warranty will be void for your engine and powertrain. Some modern ECUs cannot be programmed without leaving a trace on the ECU. Many can be reverted back to stock for dealer service and updates. Our Dealers are glad to tell you if your ECU can be programmed without leaving a mark. Many tuners claim that their remap is invisible to the dealer tools. That is not true. Dealer tools can always compare the file against an original one and see that the file has been modified. Pendle Performance Dealers are always honest about the effects of a remap and also the potential negative issues, such as voiding the warranty.

Q: How is it done?

A:The actual method used to program your car depends on the control unit. Most cars can be programmed directly from the On-Board Diagnostics port. This requires high-end tools to communicate with the latest generation of ECUs. Pendle Performance is constantly developing these tools to keep us and our dealers a step ahead of the rest. Some ECUs need to be programmed directly to the programming pins found within their ECUs. On an older generation of ECUs, it is required to remove the actual memory chip from the controller and then program it with a chip programmer. Our Dealers are trained to use all the methods that are required to program different control units. We will always suggest the best possible method for your ECU.

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